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This website offers the collector stamps from the British Commonwealth , Canada , Newfoundland , Western Europe , Scandinavia and Topicals through mail order based on price lists available here . Also there is a section for Postal History , with thousands of scans .

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Australia: KGV/KGVI Barbados: KGV/KGVI - singles,complete sets Falkland Dependencies: KGVI definitive sets 1944
Mauritius: QEII definitive set 1953-1954 Nauru: KGVI Freighter set, lightly cancelled  
New Zealand: KGV/KGVI used Rhodesia: KGV/KGVI St. Vincent: 1975 definitive set Fish & Whales
Sarawak: KGV/KGVI singles,complete sets Southern Nigeria: KGV/KGVI Southern Rhodesia: KGV/KGVI
KGVI 1948 Silver Wedding: various used sets British Asia: QV to KGVI British Guiana:KGV/KGVI
Papua New Guinea: up to year 2009 Jamaica: KGV/KGVI Canada 92:souvenir sheet of 4:mnh:#1407ai:Unitrade cat. value $125.00: Price:$49.50
KGVI:1937 Commonwealth Coronation covers   Papua New Guinea: selected items pre the year 1935
Canada covers:KGVI Illustrated Advertising    

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